We are passionate about providing practical, in-depth laboratory consultancy services with the intent to advance and improve the laboratory environment, improve the quality and safety through better education and training.

AG Fuel Analytics Inc. and FORZA international,stands out because of the knowledge and experience we have garnered over decades in the oil& gas industry enabling us to go beyond typical management consulting— we also provide our own ASTM based instruments, customized solutions, and disruptive technologies where they are needed to boost your competitive edge.

To learn more, browse through each of our available services below.

  • Lab Startup
  • Facility Planning
  • QA/QC Best practices
  • Personnel Training and Education
  • Lab Outreach
  • Strategic planning.
  • Business Intelligence and Benchmarking
  • Information Management and Metrics
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Automation and Instrumentation
  • Assessments and Enhancement
  • Acquisitions and Mergers